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Are Electronic Dog Collars Effective?

There are a number of responsibilities that come with owning a dog and affording them sufficient and well-planned training should be paramount. The training of your dog enables you to handle any behavior that is unwanted.

The majority of owners who go to dog trainers are worried and frustrated. This stress has been caused by having to barricade fences as well as having to pay fees for the pound each time their dog escapes and is captured by rangers. The owners are saying that even although their gate is always closed, their dog still escapes and that they were irritated at having to pay veterinarian bills each time their dog was injured during the escape.

The unfortunate truth is that at least ninety-nine per cent of dog owners have at one time or another either shouted at, or even kicked or beaten their dogs. Even though people enjoy talking about humanity, they sometimes behave in the opposite manner completely. A dog perceives a raised voice and aggressive behavior as being personal which causes it to suffer being a friend and pack animal, whereas an electrical impulse doesn't mean anything personal to him other than he has to stop what he's doing.

A number of dog owners think that using a shock collar is a cruel method of punishment and not a training tool that is effective. There are other dog owners however that consider the shock collar to be a device that is useful for training. One must try to bear in mind that all shock collars for dogs are safe and that according to a number of studies, their use is not actually cruel to dogs.

Electronic dog shock collars assist in correcting a dog's bad behavior patterns, they teach them to listen in a particular way (even if off leash), alert them to danger through sending signals, primarily electronic shocks, sent from transmitter to receiver. The actual level of the shock administered may be set for a variety of dog sizes and there are also a number of different sizes and shapes of collars available. In due course, a puppy will have learnt to avoid misbehaving and use of the electronic shock collar will not be needed any longer.

Should you be attempting to train your dog to behave but find you are not succeeding, the solution may be to invest in an electronic dog collar that is humane. Although the shock function can be used as a last resort, it is possible to take advantage of the vibration as well as the tone functions to achieve the same effect.

If you've taken a new furry friend home, you could possibly be considering how you may reward their good behavior whilst being able to correct their bad behavior. It's possible that you may have already spotted behavior that you'd like to eliminate, such as food aggression or excessive barking. In this case, an electronic shock collar can assist you to train your new dog from some distance away, enabling them to learn and understand which behavior they are displaying is acceptable and which isn't.


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