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Best Video Game Peripherals For Beginners

When you think of video game peripherals, you are probably likely to remember some of the best add-ons from days past. Game Boy Camera was a fun video game peripheral because of how ahead it was for its time. You also couldn't get past how futuristic the Nintendo Power Glove or the iconic Duck Hunt gun seemed at the time. Gamers back in the day weren't concerned about needing to strap on a pair of expensive gaming eye glasses because the LED screen wasn't invented yet. Players weren't worried about streaming or building a brand, because the internet wasn't yet fully a thing. Players were solely concerned with being the best at a game. But, alas, today is a new day, in which being the best requires additional help by way of video game peripherals. In this article, we will examine of few of the best for beginners to consider.

Over-The-Ear Gaming Headset

Over-the-ear gaming headsets might be a bit clunky, but they don't squeeze the life out of your year as on-ear headsets do. They also don't crush your gaming glasses against your head and restrict blood flow. Over-the-ear gaming headsets don't make your ears sore, and you can game for a more extended period. Of course, if you're going to play for a more extended period, then you should also grab a good pair of gaming glasses to prevent eye strain.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Not everyone is the best with a keyboard and mouse. If you really want to be a good keyboard and mouse player, then you have to get accustomed to its playstyle. The playstyle is a lot different if you've grown up as a console player. You might look at the price tag of a good mouse, keyboard, and ergonomic set up to make it comfortable and be intimidated. However, there's nothing quite like slipping on a pair of gaming glasses and leaning back into a gaming chair with a controller in your lap. The Xbox One wireless controller has a better grip than that of its rival, the PS4, and is more fit for adult hands. It also isn't as much of a hassle to set up with the PC like the PS4 controller is and is geared more for beginners.

PlayStation VR Headset

With the announcement of the PS5 came leaks about the next-generation VR headset. It's something everyone is looking forward to, seeing as the current-generation VR headset is very fun and intuitive. It's the closest we're going to get to a pair of virtual reality gaming glasses in the near future, so you might as well get a few jump scares out of it.


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