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How I Use My Fourflexx Ipad Floor At Home

I love my iPad and the flexibility that it allows me. Above all, I love the fact that I can use it anyhow and anywhere. But I was always worried about its life and durability, that is, until I got my FourFlexx iPad floor stand. Those times when I am so tired that sitting upright on a couch to watch movies on my iPad becomes a problem, I watch from my bed. I never worry about how to watch a whole movie holding my iPad in my palms. My FourFlexx iPad floor stand takes care of that.

I love painting and whenever I have the time, I take videos of myself doing landscapes so that I can post them on social media and help other painting enthusiasts. The FourFlexx iPad floor stand holds my iPad safely. If this is what the robot age will be like, then I welcome that time with open arms. It is so comfortable having a rotatable tablet holder at your service. This eliminates the fatigue caused by holding my iPad for long periods in my hands.

When you buy an iPad, you want to be assured that it will live to see all of its lifespan. To do that, you have to invest in a tablet stand. The FourFlexx tablet holder comes highly recommended, one user to another. Here is why you need to invest in the FourFlexx iPad floor stand

  • I also use the stand to adjust the height at which my iPad is hoisted. The stand is fully adjustable thus in whatever posture I am in, I easily change the height to a level my eyes are comfortable with and avoid straining or hurting my neck.
  • The stand has ball points that enable me rotate it in whatever direction I want. If I am tired of sitting in a given position, I do not have to move the whole stand. I simply rotate it, slant the iPad forward or backward and continue watching.
  • The holder for the phone that comes with the stand is another feature of the FourFlexx stand that I love so much. I am able to see my incoming calls, text messages, emails and social media updates and respond to them accordingly. I simply turn one of the four gooseneck legs into a phone holder.
  • I also use the stand as a stable place to mount my iPad. The four legs provide sufficient firmness for my iPad. It can never fall down when it is mounted on the FourFlexx stand.
  • I also find the FourFlexx universal iPad holder very helpful since it holds all my tablets at a time. I have my Kindle and Samsung Galaxy and they fit just fine. I can read like the boss, without bending down to the kindle reader as I would if I held it in my hand.
  • The LXORY FourFlexx iPad holder is a stand-alone device. I do not need attachments to make it work. I just love the fact that I can set mine anywhere and record my painting videos to post them on YouTube and other social media sites.


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