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How Wireless Speakers And Receiver Connect To Each Other

Audio transmissions without cables, from audio sources to speakers have been flawlessly made possible with the advent of wireless technology. Nevertheless, the functionality of this advancement has left many people surprised.

How does the receiver connect to these wireless devices? If you are among those who are wondering how this is possible, sail with me as I show you how.

By Bluetooth

By use of 2.4-2.485 GHz band range radio signals to exchange transmissions over a given distance wirelessly, Bluetooth has proven to be a very convenient technology. As a result, it has become a component of many electronic devices nowadays, including wireless speakers, headphones, smartphones and home theater systems.

How does a Bluetooth connect to a receiver?

To connect your wireless speaker to your receiver, a Bluetooth transmitter is used. To get a wireless audio connectivity, you will plug in the transmitter into the receivers headphone socket.

Plug the receiver into a power source to turn it on. This will activate the Bluetooth transmitter, thereby enabling the Bluetooth function of the wireless speaker. Upon pairing of the two devices, Bluetooth connectivity will be established and youll wirelessly enjoy your music. By Use of USB Cables

For connectivity to be established, your AV receiver should have a headphone input and a USB port. The transmitters mini-jack input is connected to your headphone output from the source device.

By plugging it into the receivers USB port, the transmitter is activated. Then via Bluetooth connectivity, the wireless speaker and the receiver are paired.

By Use of RCA Cables

RCA output is found at the back of the receiver. Its choice for use would be appropriate should your audio source not be having a headphone output. To connect your receiver to the Bluetooth transmitter, use the RCA-to-mini-jack audio cable. Enable Bluetooth connectivity of both devices. Pair them and enjoy wireless visual or audio experience.

By WiFi Connectivity

Without necessarily using Bluetooth technology, some wireless electronic devices may offer wireless WiFi connectivity. This requires digital or analog outputs.

And how does WiFi connectivity come about?

Using RCA audio cables, the AV receivers audio input is connected to the audio output of the device. You will then select proper input channel on the receiver. Adjust the audio settings by use of audio functions on the AV receiver.

Upon completion of setup, the devices are connected using WiFi connectivity. Manage your audio tracks by using an application in the audio source and enjoy continuous wireless streaming.

Our Final Thoughts

There exist varied methods of establishing wireless connectivity between your wireless speakers and your receiver. This gives you the freedom to choose the mode of connectivity that best suits your preferences, so long as your electronic devices support such connectivity.

The methods are broadly covered in user manuals of your AV receiver or wireless devices. Dont hesitate to find out more on them as you make the right choice of electronic devices that support such connectivity. This will ensure that you continue to enjoy wireless audio experience. For more information on wireless speakers, Find Out Some of Best Wireless Speakers Review.


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