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Top Satellite Internet Service Providers

The rapid advancement in technology and innovation has presented users with numerous conveniences and solutions that are created specifically to address specific problems. One of the earlier problems encountered with globalization and internet age is the unavailability of internet connectivity in remote locations. Phone service has solved this problem by reaching out to a lot of rural areas but still not in areas with very low population density. While metropolitan areas were growing rapidly in all industries, rural areas found it difficult to catch up even more.

In the present time however, satellite broadband internet providers have presented a great solution to the lack of internet connectivity in rural areas. What used to be considered luxuries of getting connected to the internet has now become a necessity. Now, rural areas can somehow cope with their urban counterparts in terms of industrialization and technology. Several services are now available including establishing of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to manage companies with branches in remote areas, VoIP (Voice Over IP), and other features that are provided by a high-speed internet provider. The connection is relatively fast and reliable. It is reasonable that somehow, satellite internet speed is a little bit slower than regular internet connections. Data transmission is different because it does not pass through the usual communications infrastructure utilized by regular providers. The outgoing data has to be transmitted several kilometers and out into space, toward the corresponding provider's satellite. The data is then sent out to the appropriate receivers and any returned data travels the same way back to the subscriber. This is an understandable shortcoming; one that we definitely expect to be addressed as well in the near future.

The speed of satellite internet is nothing to scoff at. However, current versions of provider services have improved quite a lot, even surpassing lower-end DSL internet connections. Reviews on the internet indicate two satellite internet providers that are always on the list of the best (if not toe-to-toe) satellite internet providers.

Exede and Hughesnet have been have been on the list of any review of satellite internet providers. And they rightfully deserve their spots as they are known to have reliable up time, making sure that any hiccup times in the system is insignificantly short. The download speeds of Exede and Hughesnet are 12Mbps and 10Mbps respectively. Their upload speeds are both at 3Mbps. Some users have commended Exede for surpassing their advertised speeds. Some users even report to have experienced amazing download and upload speeds of 17 Mbps and 4.5 Mbps. These two providers also add value features to subscribers. Each of them allow email accounts that have generous disk space allowances that can reach up to 5GB. They also offer web kits for subscribers who are delving into blogging. These provided tools make blogging a more user friendly experience. Added services include reasonable increments for data limit extensions, not to mention that the base data limit is already generous to begin with. Reviews for these two sites indicate that they are the best at what they do and are very open for even more innovations that would improve the subscriber's experience with them.


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