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Watch Worldwide Sports Online

If you lived in the United States and were old enough, you probably remember the ABC TV series -- World Wide Sports. The popular sports TV broadcast ran every Saturday in 1961-1998. Today that title is still being used, but no longer associated with ABC. Besides OTA (Over-the-Air) TV, the World Wide Web now brings global Sports to our devices and living rooms.

We can now accomplish how to watch sports without cable and offline across multiple devices anytime, anywhere. It simply comes down to how you want to watch it. With the Internet, sports fans that want mobility, flexibility and a la carte TV programming, can choose to watch favorite sports online via computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, a computer laptop would be the best choice because of no restrictions and limitations when it comes to watching TV and sports online.

There are two ways to watch sports without the high cost of cable or satellite: 1. Connect an antenna to the television to watch local TV channels with sports from TV stations in the area. The cheapest and easiest way would be to purchase an indoor HDTV antenna which has grown in popularity and performs quite well; 2. Another way is the Internet. There exist free and pay-to-watch streaming content from both sports TV providers and 3rd party services.

If living on a tight budget or fixed income, a 3rd party web-based sports TV service can bring World Wide Sports within your fingertips. You have the option to subscribe to premium live sports TV channels/networks online, without signing into a contact and bundled package. Or pay a small one-time fee if not an annual fee for a good 3rd party web-based service. You get connected to over 150 live premium TV channels/networks globally. This also includes many popular sports TV networks.

When using a 3rd party web-based service, there are two ways to watch sports online: 1. Get direct-connected to over 150 or over 200 live premium channels with sports included; 2. Get access to a daily live sports TV listing that list each sporting event worldwide thats broadcast for the day. This means you can watch any sporting event (local, national, international) online every day.

The Internet makes it possible to stream live sports to any TV with an HDMI, VGA, or similar audio/video port. An HDMI cable will bring both audio and video together, which makes things easier when connecting an Internet-connected computer to a small/large HDTV. One end of the HDMI cable connects to the computer HDMI port and other end connects to the TV HDMI port.

Once both devices are connected, you can watch streaming live sports online. This means any sporting event that airs on your television at home can be seen through this Internet setup. With sports OTA TV through an indoor HDTV antenna and sports TV online, theres more than enough live sports to satisfy any sports enthusiast.

The Internet is by far the best way to watch sports but shouldnt be the only medium used. Watch them online and offline and youll never miss another sporting event. Even if theres a local sports blackout from OTA TV, the Internet will allow you to watch the sporting event provided you have the 3rd party web-based TV/VOD service that also delivers sports.

To keep using cable or satellite, means shelling out more money and paying rising costs. With local OTA sports TV channels from television stations in the area and Internet live global sports, the cost can be greatly lower. Instead of paying cable/satellite $90 or more per month, you pay only $30 per year or $40 one-time fee (lifetime membership) -- depending on which 3rd party service you opt into.

Many people today have found these alternatives to cable and satellite very beneficial in many ways. The sensible thing to do if living on a tight budget or fixed income or some other TV need is to incorporate alternative television. Do it to save money without losing entertaining sports and TV programs you love to watch.


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