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Online Security - The Basics

Many sites today are built using a content management system framework. These frameworks make it easier for people who dont have the experience to code and build a site using HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

As the popularity of the systems has grown so has the choice available. But the platform that has always been and still remains the most popular is the ubiquitous WordPress. No matter what the experience of the user in website development or what web design techniques they are familiar with, WordPress remains number one.

But what makes WordPress a popular choice?

Flexible Because of its flexibility WordPress is able to produce a wide range of styles. Whether you need your website to be a simple blog, a fully featured e-commerce online store or site to promote your company and its services, WordPress will always be a great choice. By digging under the hood of the system just a little bit you can fully customize just about every aspect of the appearance and functions of your new site and take advantage of advanced SEO techniques to ensure your site ranks well in the SERPS.

Usability With its easy to use interface and vast array of plugins to enhance your site, WordPress allows anyone to customize the look and functionality of this site without the need to understand any coding or have development experience.

Security Now and then you may well have seen press reports of compromised WordPress sites. From these it would be easy to assume that WordPress has security vulnerabilities. But actually, with the correct settings and a few simple precautions WordPress can offer enough security to defend itself against most common attacks. Listed here are a few suggestions to look at to help enhance the security of your WordPress site.

Security Make Sure Its Covered Failure to make sure that your site is secure can have a dreadful impact on your business. It takes you a long time to build up the trust with your customers but just one instance of your site security being breached and you can be back to square one again. It is not too far-fetched to suggest that a site security lapse can lead to the loss of your online business. To site security is a serious issue and one that every prudent website owner should consider.

Dont Make It Easy for Them to Get into Your Site? A simple precaution to put in place that is too often overlooked is simply to make sure that all usernames and passwords are strong and not easy for potential hackers to crack. Make sure that you add a random selection of characters and symbols to any usernames and all passwords should be at least 12 characters and made up of a random collection of symbols, numbers and both upper and lowercase letters.

Latest Versions of Everything Most WordPress security vulnerabilities come about where malicious hackers are able to find a loophole in the coding that allows them access to the admin area of the site. WordPress are aware of this and constantly issue updates to close any loopholes and fix any potential vulnerabilities. For this reason it is essential that you keep your WordPress installation running on the latest version available. Always update, never delay.

It goes without saying that all of your WordPress plugins should be treated exactly the same way, install any updates and ensure that the latest version of every plug-in is running live.

It is easy to find a security expert who can help ensure that your site security is optimized. Dont be afraid to ask for their advice and help if youre not sure that you have everything covered yourself.