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Is The Brand New Macbook Pro And Iphone 7 Worth Buying?

The Brand new Mac is surely a Pro, a CABLE Pro. To be thinner as air, slimmer and sexier to carry, Apple eliminated one too many primary portals needs. The USB, SD card slots, earphones now need adapters. Apple product launches are constantly A Big Deal due to their effective Marketing Strategies, but the releases of the new MacBook Pro and long-awaited iPhone 7 this fall were the subjects of much more attention than typical, not because of exactly what they provided, but because of what they did not. Because of what they cannot make smaller, they get rid of. Even the most commonly used features like earphones. You need a connector to connect your headset for example.

Apple Inc. at this point is famous for getting rid of commonly used basic requirements for unpopular but advanced ones, sometimes to the displeasure of many users. At this point, there are many disadvantages rather than the advantages. The main reason is always the same: getting rid of the basic suggests the developers can substitute the new device with a faster, lighter, smaller sized and less consumable power than what is presently in the market. The changes made ensures you need one more adapter.

"It doesn't get any more annoying than small adapters required to connect your cables to use your device." Needless to say, individuals aren't happy about the concept of "Purchasing and Carrying" around more things at a time in our customer tech history when the pledge of "simpleness" has reached hyperbolic levels. And individuals are right to be unhappy about this. They're right to dig their heels in and hold off on upgrading.

Why do you need the little adapters to connect to your iPhone 7 so you can use your old wired earphones? It is easy to lose, and that little piece of connector easily cost $30 each. The cost of all these extra cables and adapters might be the most annoying aspect of the brand-new items. The MacBook Pro is proud to offer $ 1, 299.00 to $ 1, 499.00 without any processor to the market and that depends on entirely to the latest microchip.

One thing good about the iPhone 7 is the new Jet black handset design which is made of metal. It offers smooth texture but not at all slippery to hold. The camera boasts a fantastic 12 Megapixel reproduction of color and additional lens feature that is adjustable but still not as quite enough to combat a basic DLSR. Read More

Here Is Why I Cannot Be Separated From My Apple Watch And Iphone Dock

If you are wondering why I keep advocating for this iPhone and apple watch dock, then here is your answer. If it is good, it is good and no one can dispute that. A good thing must get a lot of airtime.

I can carry it anywhere and everywhere

I do travel a lot from time to time. The only thing that reduces the boredom of being inside a plane or train with people you do not know is your music. For some, it is social media and others their families. For me, it is all these and many more, to have the ultimate traveling experience, try getting yourself an iPhone and apple watch dock, like I have. The XStand does not only help in keeping my Apple watch charged all the time, but it holds my smartphone when I am in a strange hotel room.

It provides constant charging on the go. My social media status is always online and I get all the new trends in fashion. Does life get anymore interesting than this?

It makes me look fancy
Just like every other product made for Apple products, the iPhone and Apple watch dock is elegant and stylish. No one wants to look like they really have a bad fashion sense, or looking bad. Why then would you allow your phone and watch to be held by some not so appealing stand? I know I would not allow that. The docks come in many colors to choose from. They range from black to silver.

I can charge both my watch and phone at the same time
These docks come with ports for both your iPhone and Apple watch. This means that, there is no more charging one gadget at a time. I can charge both my phone and watch in the event that both go low on the battery charge at the same time. I need not wait for my phone to charge before I charge my watch. I can know the time and receive calls at the same time.

Allows me to use my phone as it is charging
I can place my phone or watch horizontally or vertically, depending on what I want or feel. This is enhanced by the features of the dock. It allows you to use your phone without necessarily disconnecting it from the stand. This means that I get to lie on my bed as I send text messages, emails and update my social media status. Carrying your phone can be so tiring right?

It reduces the clutter on my home desk
Being an aspiring good student, my home desk is usually filled with books, journals and papers. Additionally, my laptop often takes all the space, leaving small room for cables. I would require cables if I did not have an iPhone and Apple watch dock. My smartphone and watch would be everywhere, unsafe and I would have to regularly organize my home desk. you will agree with me that doing that every day can be very tiring.

Make your life easier and get a XStand for yourself!

How I Use My Fourflexx Ipad Floor At Home

I love my iPad and the flexibility that it allows me. Above all, I love the fact that I can use it anyhow and anywhere. But I was always worried about its life and durability, that is, until I got my FourFlexx iPad floor stand. Those times when I am so tired that sitting upright on a couch to watch movies on my iPad becomes a problem, I watch from my bed. I never worry about how to watch a whole movie holding my iPad in my palms. My FourFlexx iPad floor stand takes care of that.

I love painting and whenever I have the time, I take videos of myself doing landscapes so that I can post them on social media and help other painting enthusiasts. The FourFlexx iPad floor stand holds my iPad safely. If this is what the robot age will be like, then I welcome that time with open arms. It is so comfortable having a rotatable tablet holder at your service. This eliminates the fatigue caused by holding my iPad for long periods in my hands.

When you buy an iPad, you want to be assured that it will live to see all of its lifespan. To do that, you have to invest in a tablet stand. The FourFlexx tablet holder comes highly recommended, one user to another. Here is why you need to invest in the FourFlexx iPad floor stand

  • I also use the stand to adjust the height at which my iPad is hoisted. The stand is fully adjustable thus in whatever posture I am in, I easily change the height to a level my eyes are comfortable with and avoid straining or hurting my neck.
  • The stand has ball points that enable me rotate it in whatever direction I want. If I am tired of sitting in a given position, I do not have to move the whole stand. I simply rotate it, slant the iPad forward or backward and continue watching.
  • The holder for the phone that comes with the stand is another feature of the FourFlexx stand that I love so much. I am able to see my incoming calls, text messages, emails and social media updates and respond to them accordingly. I simply turn one of the four gooseneck legs into a phone holder.
  • I also use the stand as a stable place to mount my iPad. The four legs provide sufficient firmness for my iPad. It can never fall down when it is mounted on the FourFlexx stand.
  • I also find the FourFlexx universal iPad holder very helpful since it holds all my tablets at a time. I have my Kindle and Samsung Galaxy and they fit just fine. I can read like the boss, without bending down to the kindle reader as I would if I held it in my hand.
  • The LXORY FourFlexx iPad holder is a stand-alone device. I do not need attachments to make it work. I just love the fact that I can set mine anywhere and record my painting videos to post them on YouTube and other social media sites.