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What Makes Dish Network A Great Service Provider?

Dish Network gives you some of the most incredible satellite TV deals on the planet.

Here, we familiarize you with all that the network has on offer:

What amount of money can I save if I choose Dish Network?

You can save close to $20 per month if you pick Dish Network over Cable TV. If you compare it to DIRECTV, you can save $5 per month.

Is Dish Network expensive?

Dish Network is not expensive, at all. You can get a package for as low as $24.99 per month and enjoy over 120 exciting channels. You can watch local channels, sports channels, movie channels, news channels, weather channels and many other channel types. You can also enjoy a number of religious, international and special channels, including Showtime and HBO free of cost for 3 months.

The highest Dish Network package costs $84.99 a month, and offers you over 295 channels. The package gives you access to 60 Sirius radio stations, 35 music stations, as well as free Showtime and HBO for a period of 3 months.

Do I get to watch local channels?

Dish Network makes sure that you do not miss your local programs if you avail its services by broadcasting them.

What is the cost of equipment?

Equipment is provided free of cost. When you opt for a Dish Network package, you receive a dish, a receiver, and a remote control free of charge. You can even upgrade your standard equipment to a HD, DVR, or HD/DVR kind if you want to for no extra charge.

Is installation provided free of cost?

Yes, installation is provided free of cost. You can expect a professional to visit your house and show you how everything works.

How much does its DVR cost?

Even though most cable operators make you pay for a DVR, with Dish Network you do not have to be concerned about that. The service gives you a standard DVR, having the ability to record 200 programming hours, absolutely free.

Is customer service good?

You can get quality support anytime you want. The service provider maintains its email and phone customer support system 24/7.

To Sum Up Everything

The fastest growing network of its kind in the whole world, Dish Network has successfully welcomed 237,000 fresh customers during just the previous 3 months. During the same period, DIRECTV was able to welcome a modest 100,000 fresh users. The ACS Index rates Dish Network as the number one service of its kind. That is mainly because, compared to its competitors, the service provider gives its customers better value in almost every way possible.

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