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5 Ways To Enhance Your Gaming Room

After years of wishing for the perfect gaming cave, the time has come to finally start laying the first bricks towards building your long-awaited lair. There are so many options that you have to consider, including space and budget. And since rarely either of those two things is infinite, you will need to decide how to maximize your gaming space. Although the road to enhancing your gaming room may seem clear, a few pitfall investments can derail your vision until the next budget cycle. However, you are in luck because in this article, we are going to take you through the absolute necessities you need to enhance your gaming room.

Perhaps the most critical consideration in retrofitting your gaming room with pure awesomeness is to make sure you have the proper gaming desk. You will likely want a desk that is wide and sturdy enough to handle all of your PC or console hardware. Depending on the size of your space, however, you may want to find a more compact desk with multiple compartments that also have holes designed into the desk to allow cables to pass through. This will allow your desk to maintain a clean and sleek look, while also providing decent cable management.

Next, you will now need to find a decent gaming chair, as this will be where you are spending the majority of your time while gaming. In this case, it is worth spending more to find to the perfect chair for you because, in time, your gaming performance may suffer due to discomfort. Also, if you are a real die-hard gamer, an additional luxury will be to add a mini-fridge to keep your essential food and drink items in stock.

Many gamers believe that having a massive TV or PC monitor is the key to enhancing their gaming rooms. Often times huge displays may not always have the best refresh rates, so it is essential to decide whether or not the screen is meant to enhance gaming performance or overall aesthetics of the room. If your goal is to achieve optimum performance, you may find more value in a high-quality but smaller display. If you are going for aesthetics and are looking to impress, then go for a larger monitor around 48 55 inches depending on the size of the room. Flat-screen LCD with high resolution is recommended.

Lastly, to add the cherry-on-top for full effect, consider adding some LED backlighting around the edges of the room, behind your desk, and display.

How Wireless Speakers And Receiver Connect To Each Other

Audio transmissions without cables, from audio sources to speakers have been flawlessly made possible with the advent of wireless technology. Nevertheless, the functionality of this advancement has left many people surprised.

How does the receiver connect to these wireless devices? If you are among those who are wondering how this is possible, sail with me as I show you how.

By Bluetooth

By use of 2.4-2.485 GHz band range radio signals to exchange transmissions over a given distance wirelessly, Bluetooth has proven to be a very convenient technology. As a result, it has become a component of many electronic devices nowadays, including wireless speakers, headphones, smartphones and home theater systems.

How does a Bluetooth connect to a receiver?

To connect your wireless speaker to your receiver, a Bluetooth transmitter is used. To get a wireless audio connectivity, you will plug in the transmitter into the receivers headphone socket.

Plug the receiver into a power source to turn it on. This will activate the Bluetooth transmitter, thereby enabling the Bluetooth function of the wireless speaker. Upon pairing of the two devices, Bluetooth connectivity will be established and youll wirelessly enjoy your music. By Use of USB Cables

For connectivity to be established, your AV receiver should have a headphone input and a USB port. The transmitters mini-jack input is connected to your headphone output from the source device.

By plugging it into the receivers USB port, the transmitter is activated. Then via Bluetooth connectivity, the wireless speaker and the receiver are paired.

By Use of RCA Cables

RCA output is found at the back of the receiver. Its choice for use would be appropriate should your audio source not be having a headphone output. To connect your receiver to the Bluetooth transmitter, use the RCA-to-mini-jack audio cable. Enable Bluetooth connectivity of both devices. Pair them and enjoy wireless visual or audio experience.

By WiFi Connectivity

Without necessarily using Bluetooth technology, some wireless electronic devices may offer wireless WiFi connectivity. This requires digital or analog outputs.

And how does WiFi connectivity come about?

Using RCA audio cables, the AV receivers audio input is connected to the audio output of the device. You will then select proper input channel on the receiver. Adjust the audio settings by use of audio functions on the AV receiver.

Upon completion of setup, the devices are connected using WiFi connectivity. Manage your audio tracks by using an application in the audio source and enjoy continuous wireless streaming.

Our Final Thoughts

There exist varied methods of establishing wireless connectivity between your wireless speakers and your receiver. This gives you the freedom to choose the mode of connectivity that best suits your preferences, so long as your electronic devices support such connectivity.

The methods are broadly covered in user manuals of your AV receiver or wireless devices. Dont hesitate to find out more on them as you make the right choice of electronic devices that support such connectivity. This will ensure that you continue to enjoy wireless audio experience. For more information on wireless speakers, Find Out Some of Best Wireless Speakers Review.

The Best Gaming Laptops Under 700 Dollars In 2016

Hopefully you're not stuck buying a new gaming laptop every year, but if this is your year to buy one, there are some great gaming laptops under 700 dollars out there. With people spending upwards of two and three grand just to purchase a great laptop for gaming, it pays to see which models are out there that can provide you with essentially the same specs for less and a nice gaming experience indeed. Are you ready to pay well under a grand for your next gaming laptop?

First of, let's look at the Dell Inspiron i554-7500SLv. I know some people don't like Dell as much, but this laptop is up there with the best and most affordable gaming laptops. With a list like this, you'll find mentions of several different brands so don't worry if you're not a Dell fan. As a matter of fact, ASUS has two of the spots on the top ten list, so let's look at them next.

The two spots held by ASUS are for the ZenBook, two different models of this wonderful gaming computer of course. Both computers come with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB solid state hard drive. Does this sound like the type of gaming laptop that you need? ASUS computers don't just work great, but they also look great. Don't forget the Intel HD graphics co-processor that comes with these laptops, and if you're choosing between the two of them, there are distinguishing features as well.

Looking at the list of gaming laptops under 700 dollars again, the next one that jumps out at me could be the Acer Aspire, but let's take a look at the Nvidia GeForce 940m. This laptop has great clock speed and so many other compelling features. There is also the 840m and the 920m if you want to look at a couple of other models for comparison.

We'll leave the Acer at a mention, and we'll move on to the HP Pavilion 15.6. Now, this is the brand that I used to not be a fan of so much. However, in more recent years, their laptops are back in business. Not only that, they come with that nice discount for the amount of technology you're getting. If it's time for you to pick a gaming laptop, I'd pick a brand from this list and get the one that will help you have the best experience.