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Cyphertop: Encryption (android):

Encryption Android

Cyphertop provides encryption software for a range of processors, including android. Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems available on the market today. Cyphertop is fully compatible with a range of processors. Android is a reliable and fast mobile operating system. Cyphertop helps users maintain ultimate privacy through a range of different options. Some of these include encryption, information sharing, vaults and steganography. In addition to these four main features, Cyphertop is also guaranteed for digital DNA, continuous modification as well as double cycle. These additional features help to make Cyphertop the most advanced software on the market with no known competition.

The digital DNA function from Cyphertop promotes full privacy and security during conversations between two users. Digital DNA requires both users to possess the same connection point. Only the users who have the same connection point can access the conversation. This is known as digital DNA as it is similar to how human DNA functions. This is the ultimate security when conversing.

The next function is known as continuous modifications. Continuous modifications are curial for the success of any encryption software. For example, if a message has a certain number of different unique encryptions, it will also have a number of different encryptions in content and length. The main goal of this is to ensure Cyphertop is not automatic over a period of time. Unique content is first and foremost. This is the main goal of Cyphertop's software. This is one of the best ways to ensure the software can not be compromised. Cypehrtop is the only software fully protected against quantum computing.

Another feature of Cyphertop is known as double cycle. Double cycle is not commonly included in software which is why Cyphertop stands out. For example, Cyphertop is currently one of the only ciphers that feature double cycle. The file with encryption is sure to be re-encrypted. Cyphertop prevents the block encryption from being viewed or analyzed. The main goal of these tactics is to add additional layers of boundary and depth to Cypehrtop's software. All of these additional features are the reason why Cyphertop is currently the strongest software available. Other softwares do not add additional layers of protection, however Cyphertop does.

Android users can utilize Cyphertop Encryption with ease and convenience. There are so many additional benefits to enjoy with Cyphertop's software as opposed to other, weaker softwares. The safe vaults from Cyphertop are extremely secure and ensure that a privacy breech never occurs. Conversation using Cyphertop are extremely secure as well. Only authorized parties have access to the conversation. This means the conversation is only viewable by two users. Both of these users must share the same digital DNA. By ensuring that each user has access to the same digital DNA ensures that no other parties are involved in the conversation. Privacy and security is first and foremost when working with Cyphertop. Their main goal is to provide high-quality, reliable, secure and cutting-edge software on a range of platforms to users, including android.

Best Video Game Peripherals For Beginners

When you think of video game peripherals, you are probably likely to remember some of the best add-ons from days past. Game Boy Camera was a fun video game peripheral because of how ahead it was for its time. You also couldn't get past how futuristic the Nintendo Power Glove or the iconic Duck Hunt gun seemed at the time. Gamers back in the day weren't concerned about needing to strap on a pair of expensive gaming eye glasses because the LED screen wasn't invented yet. Players weren't worried about streaming or building a brand, because the internet wasn't yet fully a thing. Players were solely concerned with being the best at a game. But, alas, today is a new day, in which being the best requires additional help by way of video game peripherals. In this article, we will examine of few of the best for beginners to consider.

Over-The-Ear Gaming Headset

Over-the-ear gaming headsets might be a bit clunky, but they don't squeeze the life out of your year as on-ear headsets do. They also don't crush your gaming glasses against your head and restrict blood flow. Over-the-ear gaming headsets don't make your ears sore, and you can game for a more extended period. Of course, if you're going to play for a more extended period, then you should also grab a good pair of gaming glasses to prevent eye strain.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Not everyone is the best with a keyboard and mouse. If you really want to be a good keyboard and mouse player, then you have to get accustomed to its playstyle. The playstyle is a lot different if you've grown up as a console player. You might look at the price tag of a good mouse, keyboard, and ergonomic set up to make it comfortable and be intimidated. However, there's nothing quite like slipping on a pair of gaming glasses and leaning back into a gaming chair with a controller in your lap. The Xbox One wireless controller has a better grip than that of its rival, the PS4, and is more fit for adult hands. It also isn't as much of a hassle to set up with the PC like the PS4 controller is and is geared more for beginners.

PlayStation VR Headset

With the announcement of the PS5 came leaks about the next-generation VR headset. It's something everyone is looking forward to, seeing as the current-generation VR headset is very fun and intuitive. It's the closest we're going to get to a pair of virtual reality gaming glasses in the near future, so you might as well get a few jump scares out of it.

5 Ways To Enhance Your Gaming Room

After years of wishing for the perfect gaming cave, the time has come to finally start laying the first bricks towards building your long-awaited lair. There are so many options that you have to consider, including space and budget. And since rarely either of those two things is infinite, you will need to decide how to maximize your gaming space. Although the road to enhancing your gaming room may seem clear, a few pitfall investments can derail your vision until the next budget cycle. However, you are in luck because in this article, we are going to take you through the absolute necessities you need to enhance your gaming room.

Perhaps the most critical consideration in retrofitting your gaming room with pure awesomeness is to make sure you have the proper gaming desk. You will likely want a desk that is wide and sturdy enough to handle all of your PC or console hardware. Depending on the size of your space, however, you may want to find a more compact desk with multiple compartments that also have holes designed into the desk to allow cables to pass through. This will allow your desk to maintain a clean and sleek look, while also providing decent cable management.

Next, you will now need to find a decent gaming chair, as this will be where you are spending the majority of your time while gaming. In this case, it is worth spending more to find to the perfect chair for you because, in time, your gaming performance may suffer due to discomfort. Also, if you are a real die-hard gamer, an additional luxury will be to add a mini-fridge to keep your essential food and drink items in stock.

Many gamers believe that having a massive TV or PC monitor is the key to enhancing their gaming rooms. Often times huge displays may not always have the best refresh rates, so it is essential to decide whether or not the screen is meant to enhance gaming performance or overall aesthetics of the room. If your goal is to achieve optimum performance, you may find more value in a high-quality but smaller display. If you are going for aesthetics and are looking to impress, then go for a larger monitor around 48 55 inches depending on the size of the room. Flat-screen LCD with high resolution is recommended.

Lastly, to add the cherry-on-top for full effect, consider adding some LED backlighting around the edges of the room, behind your desk, and display.

The Right Way To Manage E-waste: General Steps In E-recycling

Over the years, office equipment such as computers, printers and projectors made data processing and reporting bearable. Air conditioners and humidifiers also helped many workers. No one can deny the benefits that technological advancements bring. However, managing them is bound to be stressful once they become obsolete.

Obsolete office equipment is among the most notorious forms of e-waste out there. Some companies choose to donate or sell reusable parts. There are also those that dispose the waste on landfill. Such option is both unethical and illegal.

If you're in charge of managing your company's e-waste, you should choose to e-recycle instead. Below are the steps of e-recycling you need to know.

1. Inquiry
No matter how useless your office equipment has become, they may still contain confidential info about your business operations. Thus, you shouldn't just let anyone access them. Before you strike a deal with e-recycling company, make sure you do a background check and get to know their steps. When you're sure about the company, inquire about where you can send your e-waste or how they can collect such.

2. Collection
Collection comes next. As its name suggests, this involves gathering all the e-waste in the plant of the e-recycling company.

3. Inspection
Once the e-waste is compiled, an inspector from the company assesses them. He checks if there are parts that they can recover and return to your company. You should be there when the inspection happens so he can inform you and help you decide right away.

4. Documentation
The e-recycling company will provide documents detailing the parts that they can possibly recover. The documents will also contain information regarding the e-waste processing they'll do. This step is both vital for you and your electronic waste partner because it helps ensure that the e-waste management is in compliance with industrial standards.

5. Processing
When the documentation is done, the most complex and most essential step comes next. Processing starts with data destruction. The company usually requires at least one representative from your company to oversee the process. Thanks to this step, you'll feel secured that your confidential info is handled properly.

The processing involves disassembling the parts manually and mechanically. After all data are destroyed, the step proceeds to either material recovery or total destruction. Material recovery is chosen in case there are parts or materials that can be recovered from the e-waste. These could be glass, plastic and metal.

When there are no materials to be recovered, the processing goes to total destruction. Or after the material recovery, the remaining e-waste is totally destroyed.

6. Reuse and Disposal
When there are recovered parts, your company may choose to reuse it. You can also sell recovered raw materials to manufacturers. As for those that are no longer reusable, the e-recycling company will dispose it.

7. Certification
Once all of the above mentioned steps are covered, the e-recycling company will give a certificate of destruction. You can present this certification to the authorities to prove you're complying with proper e-waste disposal.

E-recycling tends to be complicated. Unlike the typical household waste, you can't just process e-waste on your own. Thankfully, you can count on e-recycling companies for your speedy and efficient e-waste management.

Wave Goodbye To Threats - A Guide To Surfing The Internet Safely

The internet can be considered as a newly added essential in life. Almost everyone uses the internet to work, watch videos, or even communicate with loved ones across the globe. However with the number of hacks, scams, and threats consistently multiplying, the internet may not be the safest place.

Carelessly surfing the web may not only lead to viruses, but can also cause personal information (login information, embarrassing pictures, contact details) to get leaked. Here are some things to keep in mind to surf the internet safely.

Be selective with what information you disclose on the internet. Dont share any information unless its necessary, and on a legitimate website. It isnt always mandatory to provide personal information, so dont be quick to provide it. Disclosing this information can possibly lead to hackers figuring out the login info for your accounts.

Set your passwords to be strong and complex. Including unique characters and longer sets will decrease the chances of people guessing the accounts login.

Its important to create complicated passwords for important accounts, since the number of hackers breaking into corporate databases is on the rise. If the passwords are hard to memorize, using a trusted password manager application would be a big help.

Remain mindful when choosing which websites to visit. Cyber attackers will attempt to bait people into visiting their risky websites through mischievous content. They know what people search for, and will use that temptation to creep into their devices to expose personal data, or to infect the device with security threats.

Choose which applications to download. If the application itself looks sketchy, dont risk the chance of accidentally exposing yourself to malware. Many applications are disguised as games, wallpaper editors, and weather applications to name a few.

Only shop from safe and authentic websites. Shopping online requires financial information from the customer to proceed with checkout. This is what a majority of hackers love to come across.

Cyber criminals may also try to trick people by creating fake duplicate websites of legitimate companies. To ensure you're on a real website, make sure the start of the web address begins with "https" instead of "http," indicating that the website uses encryption to prevent others from accessing your data.

Post with caution. The unfortunate thing about the internet is that it's impossible to remove all copies of an unwanted comments, pictures, or status since other people might have saved copies. If you wouldnt want a family member or a future employer to see something, its best to keep it to yourself.

Keep your security software updated. Antivirus programs can only do so much as to detect most malware and virus problems. Different types of threats are created daily, and security software companies often provide updates to stop unwelcome people from getting access to your devices.

The internet is entertaining, convenient, and educational, considering everything that you want or need is on there. That doesnt mean you should be careless with browsing certain websites, and revealing personal information. Practicing good internet conduct by following the mentioned tips can prevent any unwanted situation.

Potential Risks Of Unsecured Disposal Of Cellphones

With the fast paced technology in the 21st century, electronics are being replaced at a rapid turnover rate. There are many gadgets with different specifications available in the market every day for personal and for business use and consumers just keep on replacing their gadgets on a regular basis.

In fact, according to the Environment Protection Agency, more than 416,000 cellphones are being disposed everyday. In addition, according to ConsumerReports.Org, 40% of cellphone users did not conduct any security measures, like erasing data, before they dispose their cell phone/s. As responsible users, one must be aware how to properly e-recycle these communication gadgets to stop contributing to the global e-waste.

Without e-recycling, electronic users have two main potential risks due to the unsecured disposal of communication gadgets, specifically of cellphones.

First, one may experience leakage of information. Unsecured disposal, like throwing the gadget on a regular trash bin, or even unsecured recycling may compromise oneâs privacy as well as the companyâs or brandâs reputation. There is no assurance that the messages, data, or even pictures and videos stored in the disposed phone will not be accessed by other people.

For businesses, sensitive or important data may be viewed by unauthorized people, which may lead to a data breach. There are only a few laws about e-waste management even in the U.S.A. People should take this as a reminder that itâs the consumerâs main responsibility to take care of the information stored in any gadget.

Second, the environment is also at risk without secured e-recycling practices. Cell phones and other gadgets contain toxic metals like lead from printed circuit boards, mercury in liquid crystal displays, and cadmium from the batteries. These dangerous toxins could leak from the piled up e-waste and into the ground water. These leaked toxins could cause damages on the environment if not treated properly or if not prevented.

When cell phones are burned, the same chemicals, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, will be released in the air and water.

For instance, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ecosystems near sources of lead shows loss of biodiversity, decreased growth and reproductive rates, and neurological effects in some animals. When humans inhale air containing lead or intake food containing lead, it will accumulate in the bones. These may affect the body systems and may cause learning deficits as well as lowered IQ in children and even infants.

In summary, secured recycling or disposal is important to lessen the potential information and environmental risks given the fast turnover rate of gadgets, particularly of cell phones. Improper disposal greatly contributes to the increased risk of personal and business data breaches. The environment is also not spared from the damage and pollution due to the dangerous toxins found in some of the parts of a cell phone like lead, mercury, and cadmium. These toxins that leaked in the waters and evaporated in the air can cause cancer, damage to the body systems like the nervous system, and cause brain development problems on children and infants.

E-recycling Techniques: Pros And Cons

Electronics has dominated our daily lives nowadays. The increase of consumer demands for electronic devices has also led to the increase of production for businesses. Due to the heightened demand and production, the amount of commercial electronic waste, or e-waste, has also increased tremendously. If not managed properly, e-waste can have fatal effects on the environment and all living beings.

To combat the increase in e-waste, countries all over the world had developed techniques for electronic recycling. The recovered metallic materials are reused for other commercial purposes. For non-metallics, they usually end up in a landfill with correct treatment.

Pyrolysis is a chemical decomposition technique that is commonly used in plastic waste. This method involves changing the chemical composition of materials and is completely irreversible. In e-recycling, printed circuit boards are heated up to a specific temperature, usually between 500 and 800 C, in an inert atmosphere. The heat melts down the solder that binds the electronic components to the board. Once pyrolysis is complete, a blackish metal substance is left behind. This substance produces good yield of copper. Other metallic materials such as iron, nickel, calcium, zinc and aluminum could also be recovered from the substance. This method is desired due to the substance that contains a lot of metals. However, the metals recovered still need to undergo processing to make them usable for other purposes.

The hydrometallurgical method is another method that uses chemicals to e-recycle. E-wastes are dissolved into strong acids and alkalis such as aqua regia, sulfuric acid, cyanide solutions and nitric acid. This technique is flexible, energy saving and cost effective. It is widely used by e-recycling service providers. Upon dissolving, metals will eventually come out of the resulting solution. Pure metals are recovered from the solution, making it viable for the market without further processing. For non-metals, they still need to be thermally treated before reusing or dumped in landfills. However, its disadvantage is solely focused on the poisonous and corrosive nature of the resulting solution.

In air classification method, the separation of dispersed solid particles happens depending on the particle size and density. When the particles are suspended in gas, they move in all sorts of directions depending on the force applied. This is where the separation takes place. It is extremely crucial and the machine that executes the separation is complicated. After the separation, there are more processes to make the recovered materials usable.

All of the e-recycling methods mentioned above deal with the chemical composition of the electronic wastes. However, most e-waste recycling service providers do not have the equipment and tools needed. To compensate, they physically disassemble the parts and separate them into categories. Then, they cut the parts into specific sizes. The pieces undergo milling processes that turn them into pulverized PCB powder. The powder goes through eddy current separators that separate the particles depending on their eddy current characteristics. They are also separated depending on their density and particle size. This method is tedious and relies on human intervention, unlike the other techniques.

There are a lot of techniques that can be used to recycle electronic waste. There are more methods that are being tested to make the process faster and more efficient such as biometallurgical separation method and other methods that focuses on non-metallics.

What Are The Best Electronic Dog Training Collars?

If you purchase a training collar with practical functions, it will be more advantageous for controlling your dog. The most crucial functions which the collar should contain are the electrostatic impulse and the notification sound. A good number of the electronic dog training collars sold these days also contain a vibration feature. Some e-collars are complemented by further functions as well.

The breed as well as the size of your dog are vital factors when deciding on the type of electronic training collar you wish to purchase. Should your dog's weight be between five and fifty kilograms, the e-collars should be effective enough. Problems arise when choosing an e-collar if your dog is a mini breed or an extra-large breed. With regard to the problems occurring with small breeds, the impetus from certain e-collars may possibly be too strong or the receiver collar completely inadequate for its size. When it comes to large breed dogs, the collar may not have the required efficacy.

There are a number of companies manufacturing e-collars for dog training, but not all of them dominate the market regarding quality. A number of them are recommended below for manufacturing quality, and theses are e-collars that may be trusted to assist with top quality training for your dog.

Firstly, iPets PET 619 e-collar offers quite a number of elements and features common in training collars, however it also has a receiver design that is compact which allows for a bigger number of dog sizes from 4.5kg and up. This particular collar was ergonomically designed and offers a one hand operation for the amateur allowing you to be more attentive to your dog.

Then there are the Martingale Training Collars - these e-collars are designed to prevent a dog from reversing backwards to get out the collar. Similar to a choke chain, a cinch mechanism manufactured from fabric or chain tightens up the collar when it is pulled. As there aren't prongs, the hazard of choking is largely reduced as the Martingale can only get as small as the size of the neck of your dog.

Finally, Petsafe produces very popular as well as creative tools for training of pets, lifestyle, containment as well as safety. They've built their reputation as the top pet product manufacturer worldwide by using their knowledge to create quality products. Their training collars for dogs help dog owners to prevent their dogs from going out of range.

Training collars are often called "shock" collars which isn't a correct description of the way the electronic containment system functions. The term also causes bias among the public which prevents consideration of the possible value of using these systems for dog training.

Are Electronic Dog Collars Effective?

There are a number of responsibilities that come with owning a dog and affording them sufficient and well-planned training should be paramount. The training of your dog enables you to handle any behavior that is unwanted.

The majority of owners who go to dog trainers are worried and frustrated. This stress has been caused by having to barricade fences as well as having to pay fees for the pound each time their dog escapes and is captured by rangers. The owners are saying that even although their gate is always closed, their dog still escapes and that they were irritated at having to pay veterinarian bills each time their dog was injured during the escape.

The unfortunate truth is that at least ninety-nine per cent of dog owners have at one time or another either shouted at, or even kicked or beaten their dogs. Even though people enjoy talking about humanity, they sometimes behave in the opposite manner completely. A dog perceives a raised voice and aggressive behavior as being personal which causes it to suffer being a friend and pack animal, whereas an electrical impulse doesn't mean anything personal to him other than he has to stop what he's doing.

A number of dog owners think that using a shock collar is a cruel method of punishment and not a training tool that is effective. There are other dog owners however that consider the shock collar to be a device that is useful for training. One must try to bear in mind that all shock collars for dogs are safe and that according to a number of studies, their use is not actually cruel to dogs.

Electronic dog shock collars assist in correcting a dog's bad behavior patterns, they teach them to listen in a particular way (even if off leash), alert them to danger through sending signals, primarily electronic shocks, sent from transmitter to receiver. The actual level of the shock administered may be set for a variety of dog sizes and there are also a number of different sizes and shapes of collars available. In due course, a puppy will have learnt to avoid misbehaving and use of the electronic shock collar will not be needed any longer.

Should you be attempting to train your dog to behave but find you are not succeeding, the solution may be to invest in an electronic dog collar that is humane. Although the shock function can be used as a last resort, it is possible to take advantage of the vibration as well as the tone functions to achieve the same effect.

If you've taken a new furry friend home, you could possibly be considering how you may reward their good behavior whilst being able to correct their bad behavior. It's possible that you may have already spotted behavior that you'd like to eliminate, such as food aggression or excessive barking. In this case, an electronic shock collar can assist you to train your new dog from some distance away, enabling them to learn and understand which behavior they are displaying is acceptable and which isn't.

Selecting A Web Design Company Made Simple

Putting up your own website positions you to the myriad possibilities available on the Internet. Your online success is partially dependent on the overall quality of your website. This is why you should take the task of selecting a web design company very seriously. Here are some steps you should follow to find the best company for your needs.

1. Get a company that is experienced.

Experience is a big consideration when looking for a web design company. Those with more years in the industry are better equipped to handle the unique needs of designing your website.

Those companies also have a more diverse portfolio. Lastly, they usually have a proven track record in the industry. You can never go wrong if you work with an experienced web design company.

2. Consider the price.

The price of web design services can vary greatly. You can hire web design services for as low as $100, but there are also companies that charge thousands of dollars for their services. More expensive options usually come with better consultation and customization.

Dont be afraid to spend a little extra to ensure that your website runs smoothly. The best approach is to choose the service that offers the best quality of service at the lowest price. In short, go for the company that will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

3. You should get support whenever you need it.

The level of support they provide to their clients is a major consideration when selecting a web design company. Get a company who is willing to work with you on an ongoing basis.

The best web design companies offer support that is reliable, cost-effective, and consistent. Maintaining a website can be quite tricky, and your web design company plays a huge role in keeping your site updated, and free of bugs and other problems.

4. They should keep updated on web design trends.

Trends in web design are constantly changing, so its important that companies are updated with these changes. This is to ensure that your website runs smoothly, has the appropriate design and architecture, and has content thats fresh and organic. An updated web design adds to the best user experience possible.

5. Think of your website as a long-term investment.

Building the best website doesnt end with its construction. You should look at your website as an unfinished product, something that can be always be improved upon.

When hooking up with a web designing firm, you should look at things in the long term. Sign up with a design team that will build your website under a solid infrastructure. Preferably, they should also be willing to work with you long-term, since youll be relying on them for web maintenance and updates.

6. Lastly, know what you want.

Sometimes it cant be helped that you dont know where to start when it comes to designing your website, but it helps to read about some new trends in web design to help you narrow down your choices.

Once you have a rough idea of what you want in regard to the look and feel of your site, you can sit down with your shortlist of web design companies and hear them out on how they plan to implement your vision.

The Difference Between A 2.1 And 5.1 Home Theatre

Whether it is after a long days work or just when having a good time with your family on weekends, listening to some cool music can be refreshing. It can make you forget all your fatigues while on the job, and give you a reason to wake up the next day with stronger desire to work again. And where is this music coming from?

The type of home theater you have in your house will determine the quality of music you will lose your ears to. I bet clarity of vocals, the strength of speakers and the surround sound effect would be your significant concerns here, wouldnt they? Thats why examining the differences between a 2.1 and 5.1 home theater would help you make the right choice for your home theater.

2.1 Stereo System

This stereo system provides a subwoofer and two bookshelf speakers. A general bookshelf speaker comes with a tweeter and a mid-bass. For the modulation of mid-range frequencies, the mid-bass is used, while for high range frequencies in your audio, the tweeter comes in handy.

The two bookshelf speakers are to be placed on the right and left the side of the home entertainment center or the television set. Other than providing adequate sound, they facilitate some perspective with right/left audio sounds. An example is a car driving from right to left in a movie.

The Channel Virtual Surround systems of a 2.1 stereo system have decoders which create the surround sounds illusory effects with the two speakers.

By requiring only two audio tracks from recordings, this reduces strain and size on the front speakers. It may also make up for the poor acoustics within a room, resulting in a mid-upper base which is punchy with little or no production of the desired rumble.

5.1 Stereo System

With its complex build, 5.1 stereo system will hand you a great feeling of surround sound. It comes with a center channel speaker and four bookshelf speakers.

For the best effect, place the center channel speaker in front of your television set. On the right and left, put two front speakers. Finally, on your left and right, place two rear speakers.

Your audio signal will determine how best you can utilize your 5.1 stereo system. When component cables are in use (white and red) youll have a right front output and a left front output.The center channel with is the merger of both.

With a package of 5.1 and a decent receiver, the system will detect the sounds to be played in the background, (musical beats, explosions, among others) while talking will be played in front.

What are Our Final Thoughts?

With the existence of various models of home theaters in the market, landing on a stereo system that serves your purpose best would be a great achievement. With some lead knowledge about 2.1 and 5.1 home theaters, these can be good choices for your consideration.

In our personal point of view, we prefer a 5.1 over a 2.1 stereo system, but this will obviously require a higher budget. For more information, Find Out Some of Best Home Theaters Review.

Quill Offers Legal Software Services That Provide Support To Many Law Firms

Quill is a company whose legal software helps law firms of all types and sizes to work out the best solutions for streamlining their businesses. The company has been around since 1978, although it was much smaller and didn't provide legal software back then. Trusted for decades, this company has grown with the industry and now has four regional offices and 90 employees. Those employees help provide service and support to clients, 600 law firms to be exact, and counting.

Are you looking for high quality, user friendly legal software? If so, maybe you are thinking about networking with Quill for the best solutions. What are some of the services that the company offers? Both practice and document management software are available. Managing documents and keeping your law practice organized is definitely key to running a successful firm. Solicitors know they need software to help them stay on top of their game. You just have to find the best software solutions, and maybe Quill can help you with that.

Outsourced legal cashiering is also provided by Quill, as is outsourced typing. You can also outsource your payroll and bookkeeping. Take advantage of local authority software, a great anti-money laundering system and much more. SMS messaging services are also offered. Do you need a description of some of these available services?

It could be that you are familiar with some of the things Quill offers and know what to do in regards to those matters. Yet you are still learning about what all you need to help you run your law firm, and maybe you aren't sure about some of the services offered by Quill. You can always talk to the company about the software solutions that are available. Ask about some of the more essential services first, like outsourced bookkeeping and payroll. Then you can discover more about the niche solutions that the company provides, too.

What type of firm or business do you run? What are your needs in terms of legal software? You might have a few ideas, but by the time you get done speaking with Quill, you will have a bunch more. Of course you want to be cost efficient in terms of your business operations, so it's time to see what that means for your bottom line. What software solutions can Quill help you with today that can help you grow your firm and take much better care of your clients?

How To Update Wordpress Securely Each Time

Updating WordPress is vital to keeping your website practical and safe, but updates can hinder customizations or perhaps break your website.

That's why, in this post, we cover the 5 factors to consider you ought to keep in mind when it comes to setting up WordPress updates. Follow these and you'll be able to upgrade each time without harming your site's performance!

1. Back Up Your Site Routinely (and Before Upgrading Anything).

To avoid any worry of an upgrade hurting your site, make sure to back up your site before you set up any updates. You're spoilt for choice with alternatives on this front.

Our first suggestion would be VaultPress if you're looking for perhaps the quickest and simplest solution. Established by none besides the folks at Automattic, it's a slick and full-featured premium remote backup solution that's a cinch to setup and use.

Speaking of remote backup options, that's the only type we suggest. There's little point in supporting to your server if some sort of deadly mistake destroys both your site and its backup( s). If you're a Dropbox fan, take a look at our suggested compatible backup services.

There are lots of other options-- both complimentary and premium-- and we've featured the most popular here. And in the interests of efficiency, if you feel the need to carry out a manual backup at any time, the WordPress Codex has you covered.

2. Use WP Safe Updates to Test Plugin Updates.

Because of the myriad mixes of designers, variation compatibilities, and quality assurance, plugins are often the source of upgrade disputes.

Developer Antti Kuosmanen has created a new plugin called WP Safe Upgrades that lets you test plugin updates in a 'sandbox' environment. This allows you to identify potential upgrade disputes before they have the opportunity to be a problem on your live site.

In practice, WP Safe Updates adds a brand-new Test Update button that appears when a plugin upgrade is readily available. Clicking this button lets you preview any changes the plugin makes before dedicating to them. WP Safe Updates will show exactly how the updates will act on your actual website when you do things like creating brand-new posts or changing settings.

Please note that setting up WP Safe Updates requires modifying a percentage of your website's code-- instructions for which are readily available in the Installation area of the plugin's Plugin Directory page.

While WP Safe Updates is a promising option to a typical WordPress updates disappointment, you should know that the plugin is still in its alpha variation. It might not be entirely reputable in its functionality. That being said, we do suggest WordPress Safe Updates to anyone worried about plugin updates hindering their site's performance.

3. Utilize a Child Theme.

Probably WordPress' most significant selling point is its customizability by means of themes and plugins. With great power comes fantastic duty, and when making tweaks to your website's style, you need to make sure that you do so responsibly.

It's appealing to make customizations by editing your style's PHP or CSS files straight, but you should refrain from doing so for 2 factors:.

There's a risk of getting the feared "white screen of death" due to one misplaced bracket or semicolon.
Modifications you make to the initial theme files are impermanent (i.e. updating your site's style will overwrite them).
To prevent both these issues, you ought to always use a child style to tailor any of your site's code. Kid styles are easy to produce, and they allow you to experiment to your heart's content.

4. Evaluation Style, Plugin, and Core Update Changelogs for Conflicts.

Before you install any upgrade, we advise that you read its changelog for prospective disputes. Keeping up to speed with what's new in the most recent version of any given style, plugin, or core update is useful in and of itself, however beyond that, you're trying to find any modifications that may interfere with your distinct setup and customizations.

For instance, if you're using custom CSS to customize the appearance of a plugin-generated contact form, you need to ensure the upgrade doesn't alter any of the CSS IDs or classes that your custom-made code uses.

Where to find the changelog will depend on what you're updating.

For plugins downloaded from, the changelog is one of the offered tabs on the plugin's Plugin Directory site page.

For styles, you must speak with the style designer's website. Default WordPress themes such as Twenty Sixteen have their changelog offered within the WordPress Codex. All quality styles-- free or paid-- must consist of a changelog.

For updates to WordPress core, a total changelog of every variation to this day is available in the Codex.

Evaluating the changelog for possible disputes is key to making sure that any WordPress updates go efficiently.

5. Never Ever Test Updates on a Live Site.

To ensure the user experience isn't really interrupted by an upgrade gone wrong, you need to never ever check updates on a live site. Following this basic guideline will conserve you an awful lot of headaches gradually.

There are numerous options for testing WordPress updates beyond your live site. The one you select will depend on your hosting solution, your technical ability, and the magnitude of the update. Alternatives include:.

Create a WordPress staging website through your webhosting. The precise information will depend on your hosting supplier, but managed hosting services such as WP Engine, FlyWheel, and Pressable all make this possible.
Test updates with a plugin such as WP Staging. If an upgrade breaks the test site, your live website will remain unscathed.
Test updates in a regional development environment containing a carbon copy of your website. For more details, have a look at our guides to creating a local development environment on a Mac and in Windows.
Using any of the above choices will enable you to check updates and straighten out the kinks prior to going live. A staging site is my personal option; to find out more, check out our guide to developing a WordPress staging website.


It's one thing understanding how important updating WordPress is, however having the self-confidence to set up updates without the worry of potential conflicts arising is something else entirely. With this post, you have the option.

Follow the easy rules below to ensure that WordPress updates on your live website( s) effectively each time:.

  • Back up your website routinely (and prior to updating).
  • Test plugin updates with WP Safe Updates.
  • Make all theme personalizations in a kid style.
  • Evaluation upgrade changelogs before applying them.
  • Never ever evaluate updates on a live website.

Can You Ever Go Completely Off The Grid?

Going 'off the grid' is something which most people think of at least once in their lives, made popular in TV and movies throughout the years. The idea is simple; having no record of yourself, past, present, or future. This isn't the same as keeping your online activity private, but is the total lack of information about a person; the truest form of cybersecurity.

Almost everyone in a developed country has a record of them in one way or another, be it from birth certificates, cctv, or social media. The few who don't are usually those in uncontacted nations such as island or tribe communities. Unfortunately, if a person is born in a country with records as standard, going off the grid will be much more difficult than otherwise.

Anyone wishing to go off the grid needs to have a very good reason to do so, as it's not only hard to go back, but also a very lengthy and labour intensive process. This is not something to do on a whim, it is more like a permanent lifestyle change which will affect every aspect of a persons life.

To go off the grid, it's important to find out which records need to be destroyed or de-indexed. It's easiest to start early in life, and move forward over time so that it's easier to keep track. Birth certificates, school records, graduation, any news that may involve your name, and even council tax records need to be expunged to go 'offline'. This will be much easier to do in May of next year, when GDPR comes into full effect; the right to erasure can be employed where needed. It's almost impossible to stop a government from finding records of your person, as they have records which cannot be expunged through 'white hat' methods, but it should be possible to stop an individual or company from finding the records. It is definitely possible to have basic records removed from the public view, but unfortunately without highly illegal activity, these records will still exist somewhere.

Social media is one of the easiest to remove records from, usually by utilizing 4 methods. Firstly, changing your name on social media means that any past links to your profile will become unsearchable. After this, changing your extension (eg. means that any links will be 'dead links' or 'profile not found'. Only after these two steps have been done should you contact the relevant social media department, and then you can make a written request to have information purged. The 'white hat' way of doing this is by just making a request to have all mentions and links purged, while the 'grey hat' method is to give a reason such as potential stalking, or fear of danger to self. Once this has occurred (this can take a few weeks) you can fully deactivate the account.

It's advised to have a long sit down and try to remember any usernames or email addresses used throughout life; using a directory lookup or domain checker can help with this. Deactivate any account owned, and put in a right to erasure request for any data held on your person.

Unfortunately, if you have any kind of criminal record, this process is nearly impossible; law enforcement needs to keep records for future reference.

Once all online and paper records have been purged or de-indexed about a person, the only next step someone can take is to move country. Usually to somewhere with poor foreign relations to the home country, but most places will do if you're not fleeing the law.

It is almost impossible to go off the grid legally, but it is very possible to leave an old life behind and start a new one somewhere else. Just remember, any thread can be followed, and even the smallest clue can give a person away. This is not advised in almost all cases, but it is possible.

Will 3d Printing Houses Change The World?

3D printing has been around for a few years now, but it's just starting to take a hold in mainstream manufacturing and production. Graphic design companies use them every day to make small models, universities use them to make temporary devices like slides, and massive companies like Lego use them as prototyping. 3D printing is fantastic for many businesses across the world, but it's just starting to scale up.

Until very recently, 3D printers were designed to create small (up to around 50cm) models and functioning products. Especially aimed at definition over size, most 3D printers are made for this purpose, but larger ones are just starting to become mainstream. Already seen in places like car racing, replacement parts can be made within a few minutes for little cost, though they're usually only temporary.

As most readers will know, alot of 3D printing uses plastics as the base of their product, with only the most expensive able to use materials like powdered metal and silicon. As the technology improves, the base material becomes easier and easier to obtain, to the point where mostly recycled materials can easily be used in most projects. This has lead people to think; why a small model, and not a house?

It's remarkably simple to print a house, using the same construction materials which are used in models currently, or with specially designed 'concrete sprayers' to print a house in hours. Several companies have already popped up over the world, and business for them is set to shoot off in coming months.

There are a few main advantages to printing a house over building one, though the initial teething problems of any new tech are definitely still present. The houses built are uniform, and are perfectly insulated through their designs; saving the resident money over time. This also factors in to the very low cost of these buildings, costing only around £10-12K for a two bedroom house. Quite often the money saved is spent on improvements, such as solar panelling on the roof. The aim of these houses is to be as self-sufficient as possible, and so far they are working out well.

The houses are also easy to set up, needing only a team of 3 or 4 and a few hours. The machine does it all, and last minute adjustments and painting are the only things the people are necessary for; machines can even wire the house for grid power.

As the houses are designed and modelled in 3D simulations, they are estimated to last over a lifetime, and feature none of the downfalls of traditional buildings. Double glazing and cavity wall insulation as standard, and commodities are built into the design of every house. The houses can be built in even the toughest of environments, and have been shown to withstand the forces of any known earthquake.

One downside to 3D printing houses is that the houses last forever; a double edged sword. Currently there is no technology or procedure in place to remove these houses, as the concrete plastic mix is difficult to recycle. This environmental impact could turn out to be huge, but there are already many teams in major universities dedicated to recycling thee houses. The technology will be there eventually, it just needs some refining.

3D printed houses will be great for the world, as more houses can be made for people without them; homeless people, those in non-developed countries, and even just as emergency accommodation after a natural disaster. Much more research is needed into the environmental impact of these buildings, but the future is bright for 3D printed housing.

Clear-cut Recommendations When Thinking About Wordpress Security

If you are thinking about covering the design and publishing of your next website yourself, then youll probably be considering a content management system or framework. It is true that there are many such systems and frameworks available but still by far the most popular is WordPress.

No matter how complex your website needs to be and no matter what your own experience in website development, WordPress is an excellent choice. A user-friendly interface that helps you make the most of modern web design techniques and the availability of literally thousands of plug-ins to help you add features and functions to your site without needing to have any coding skills, are the major reasons why WordPress is still so popular. In case you are going to use this for blogging purposes or maybe you need an ecommerce website, you'll need to take note of WordPress security issues. Listed below are some of the essential facts to know about WordPress and the methods to enhance its security.

Do You Need Security For Your Website? Security, just like using the right SEO techniques, is a huge part of website development so this is very essential if you would like to safeguard your content. It doesnt matter what you will be using your website for, keeping your site secure should always be a primary concern.

If hackers gain access to your site they are able to install their own malicious software which could see all of your and your clients data compromised or your site used without your knowledge to promote other damaging products or sites.

Always Install Latest Versions of WordPress

You will find that WordPress has many releases of new versions. It is extremely important that you always update to the latest version as they nearly always tackle potential security problems that have arisen and add new features which will enhance the performance of your site.

It is just as essential that you have the same approach to all of your WordPress plug-ins, never delay to update. Hackers often use out of date plug-ins to gain access to your site.

Simple Solution Use A Strong Username And Password If your username and password is quite easy to remember, there's a huge chance the hackers can access them easily as well. The best thing that you can do is to use a strong username and password for the website. Instead of using "admin" as your username, you should make a new one that's quite difficult to remember. You'll have to make a strong password as well that is composed of letters, numbers and symbols and it must be lengthy. You'll find plenty of specialists who can actually help enhance the security of your site if you do not know what to do. You must ask for their help if you wish to be sure that your site is secured. You will find that it could be the best dollars that you ever spend.

How To Beat Ransomware: Don't Panic

Picture yourself spending weeks working on a special anniversary tribute video for your friend's upcoming 30th wedding anniversary. Over the years you've collected a variety of video clips and photos and edited them into a great video. You've taken the time to lay it all over a soundtrack with their favorite songs and you're proud of your labor of love.

As you finish the project and prepare to copy it onto a DVD for the big day, a weird message pops up on your computer."Files on this computer system are now encrypted. You must pay within 96 hours or forfeit all of your documents and information on your computer system as it will be destroyed permanently." Oh no! You've just been hit with ransomware.

Sadly, it appears that once you've been hit with ransomware, the files have been encrypted and there's little that you can do except cut your loss and pay the fiddler. Sadly, even if you do pay, there's no guarantee that you'll have your files back. You may wind up with no files and out the bucks. For many around the world, this happened recently. For others, the stakes are very high. With the outbreak of WannaCryt0r, they lost everything. Hospitals lost important and vital information regarding their patients. They were frozen out of their computer systems and it disrupted their operations and the organizations of over 150 countries.

Such attacks have devastating impact on many computer systems. Many have lost precious data and it shut down at least one hospital's computer system in the midst of an emergency procedure. For many, this quickly became life and death and it was a serious crisis.

One simple way to prevent such attacks at your place is to install a high level security software on your pc's and devices . The best one is Norton Security suite and for a small cost per year it will save you a lot of heart ache in the long run, Note they send out deals and coupons from partner sites like this one each month so sign up and wait for a good deal then sign up.

Types Of Ransomware - Step one in preventing ransomware is to recognize the various kinds of ransomware that may hit you. It can range from mild to moderate to that which could set off a Cuban Missile Crisis.

Scareware - Yes, that's really the name, scareware. When compared to other kinds of ransomware, it may not be as frightening, however, Scareware involves rogue security software and tech support scams that many fall for. It may send up pop-ups that frighten you yet your files are still safe. Quickly scanning your system you'll find that there isn't anything seriously wrong and your security system can clear it out easily. All you have to do is follow the easy to follow the step-by-step guide to ensure that your computer is safe.

Pro-Tip - Real good cyber security software won't solicit customers in this fashion. If you don't have this company's software already on your computer, then you may need to do some updates, the other company may be spying on you and watching you. If you do have the software, you need to watch for tricks that make you think you don't have it and that make you think you need to pay for more software to remove it. If you have the software already installed, you won't have to pay for it to remove the malware, it will already be doing this.

Screen Locks - Upgrade your system to terror alert orange. Screen locks may mean that you are frozen out of your system. This may be accompanied by an official appearing FBI or U.S.l Dept. Of Justice seal that states illegal activities have been detected and you must pay a fine.

To reclaim the control of your system, you may have to pay a fee but again, there's no guarantee. Best case scenario is to do a system restore and if that won't work, you can run a scan from your bootable CD or a USB drive.

Principal Factors To Consider While Hiring A Web Design Company

In today's internet-based lifestyle, more and more companies are going forward with promoting their business online. The very first thing for creating an online presence is a properly designed website that will rightly promote the business. And this is where you need web design companies, who will construct your business website just the way you want them to. But there are few factors to be considered prior to choosing any particular company to ensure receiving expected results. Here are some of the most important factors:

Analyze Company Reputation

When choosing a website services company, make sure that you analyze their reputation in the market. Be it by going through their previous work achievements or the portfolio of websites that they must offer, it'll be a wise decision to determine the company's standards by exploring their works so far.

Consider The Price

Its not like the greater the price will be the better will be the outcome or its opposite. Every web design company has their own charges. Compare the work that you expect and price quotes that youre getting from the companies. Remember, lowest rates necessarily dont mean youre getting the best deal as it may end up providing you with ordinary or cheap looking websites.

Know What Youll Get

It's also important that you understand the things that are included in a price before agreeing with a company. While some companies include website designing and developing in one single package, there are others who charges separately for different features. Whether it's just a website template that you need or it's SEO, design development, and other things, know the things you'll be getting first.

Find About Customer Services

Dont forget to consider how helpful the customer service division of the web design company that youre choosing is. You never know when you may need some changes to made, or designing issues to be dealt with. Select a company that offers excellent customer support as well; so that you can get in touch with them whenever you want to.

Estimate The Completion Time

Another significant factor to consider while hiring a company for designing your website is that how much time they ask for setting a website up and prepare it for running. Once you give the contract you dont wish to wait for forever right! So, know how fast they can deliver the promised work to be sure about your own online debut.

With so many web design agencies being out there, its important that you carefully consider the above-mentioned factors before finalizing any, to get the maximum professionalism and work excellence possible.

Watch Worldwide Sports Online

If you lived in the United States and were old enough, you probably remember the ABC TV series -- World Wide Sports. The popular sports TV broadcast ran every Saturday in 1961-1998. Today that title is still being used, but no longer associated with ABC. Besides OTA (Over-the-Air) TV, the World Wide Web now brings global Sports to our devices and living rooms.

We can now accomplish how to watch sports without cable and offline across multiple devices anytime, anywhere. It simply comes down to how you want to watch it. With the Internet, sports fans that want mobility, flexibility and a la carte TV programming, can choose to watch favorite sports online via computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, a computer laptop would be the best choice because of no restrictions and limitations when it comes to watching TV and sports online.

There are two ways to watch sports without the high cost of cable or satellite: 1. Connect an antenna to the television to watch local TV channels with sports from TV stations in the area. The cheapest and easiest way would be to purchase an indoor HDTV antenna which has grown in popularity and performs quite well; 2. Another way is the Internet. There exist free and pay-to-watch streaming content from both sports TV providers and 3rd party services.

If living on a tight budget or fixed income, a 3rd party web-based sports TV service can bring World Wide Sports within your fingertips. You have the option to subscribe to premium live sports TV channels/networks online, without signing into a contact and bundled package. Or pay a small one-time fee if not an annual fee for a good 3rd party web-based service. You get connected to over 150 live premium TV channels/networks globally. This also includes many popular sports TV networks.

When using a 3rd party web-based service, there are two ways to watch sports online: 1. Get direct-connected to over 150 or over 200 live premium channels with sports included; 2. Get access to a daily live sports TV listing that list each sporting event worldwide thats broadcast for the day. This means you can watch any sporting event (local, national, international) online every day.

The Internet makes it possible to stream live sports to any TV with an HDMI, VGA, or similar audio/video port. An HDMI cable will bring both audio and video together, which makes things easier when connecting an Internet-connected computer to a small/large HDTV. One end of the HDMI cable connects to the computer HDMI port and other end connects to the TV HDMI port.

Once both devices are connected, you can watch streaming live sports online. This means any sporting event that airs on your television at home can be seen through this Internet setup. With sports OTA TV through an indoor HDTV antenna and sports TV online, theres more than enough live sports to satisfy any sports enthusiast.

The Internet is by far the best way to watch sports but shouldnt be the only medium used. Watch them online and offline and youll never miss another sporting event. Even if theres a local sports blackout from OTA TV, the Internet will allow you to watch the sporting event provided you have the 3rd party web-based TV/VOD service that also delivers sports.

To keep using cable or satellite, means shelling out more money and paying rising costs. With local OTA sports TV channels from television stations in the area and Internet live global sports, the cost can be greatly lower. Instead of paying cable/satellite $90 or more per month, you pay only $30 per year or $40 one-time fee (lifetime membership) -- depending on which 3rd party service you opt into.

Many people today have found these alternatives to cable and satellite very beneficial in many ways. The sensible thing to do if living on a tight budget or fixed income or some other TV need is to incorporate alternative television. Do it to save money without losing entertaining sports and TV programs you love to watch.