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Windows Fix :: QR code

Quick Response code or QR code is a combination of symbols creating a two-dimensional barcode which can be decoded at high speeds. At first these QR barcodes were used in the rising automotive industry in 1994. These two-dimensional barcodes were created from the company Toyota, to track new vehicles in the manufacturing process. Created by Denso Wave and registered trademark. Soon these QR codes became useful for a much wider application. Used in entertainment to commercial tracking, and in-store product advertising, these two-dimensional barcodes connect the user to the advertiser. Today’s applications target mobile-users via mobile tagging. You could receive an email, and print and generate a two-dimensional barcode after scanning a QR code. Applications for scanning QR codes are found in most of today’s smartphone devices. The Android application for example has encrypted QR codes that are not very common at all. These QR codes are very complex and can contain comparatively large storage capacity. The QR code itself can be described as black modules arranged in a square pattern on a solid white background. These encoded QR codes are made up of every kind of data such as binary, alphanumeric and Kanji symbols. These barcodes can almost be found everywhere and aid in small business growth. In business they can be used for your business card, or brochures and marketing materials. These codes can be on the side of work trucks and trailers. Many restaurant menus include these codes to entice the consumer and inform. QR codes could link to many various applications: Instruction manuals Places to find replacement parts or service Directions to businesses or events Job applications Coupons and other promotional offers Mp3 downloads Feedback forms for services and commodities These two-dimensional barcodes are growing exponentially world-wide connecting people to services and products. Many of all the major airlines are using QR codes on all boarding passes such as US Airlines. They are now required to provide this service for all international flights.
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